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The Problem

Amateur sports are dissociated from technology and disconnected from the globalized world. There are 1 billion people who play sports and only 0.5% of them are professionals. The problem is that only professionals have access to technologies that are centralized in the hands of some institutions. Amateur competitions represent 86% of the world tournaments and they experience precarious organization, especially concerning technological aspects, when compared to professional competitions. In order to hold a successful tournament, the organizer must join a centralizing institution, but there will be a great loss in the number of athletes since most of the practitioners (86%) are not affiliated with these institutions. In addition, amateur tournaments and their rankings are restricted to certain regions, which is in opposition to the wave of globalization in the modern world. People want to connect, but the structure of amateur sports is not open to connectivity and globalization.


When we think of sports events, what comes to mind are the great professional events organized impeccably with the latest technology, performed by institutions like FIFA, IOC, Champions League, NBA, among many others. However, these events are the tip of an iceberg and represent only 0.5% of the total sports events in the world. On the other hand, the absolute majority of the events - 86% - are amateur, held by clubs, gyms, schools, universities and associations, with precarious or inexistent management technology. There is a great clash between the realities that the sports fan is faced with, as a consumer. He delights in the glamour and excellence of the great events, but at the same time, he faces the harsh reality of disorganization and lack of resources of amateur sports. In addition to dealing with their precarious resources, amateur players do not have access to the latest technology and are disconnected from the globalized world. Smart League has come to change this reality and become the biggest sports platform in the world. There are 1 billion people who play sports in the world and, in the economic aspect, this segment moves more than 1 trillion dollars a year, which is proportional to the sports division. In the UK alone there are more than 150,000 sports clubs. The number of practitioners in each modality: Smart League was created to support this segment, serving as encouragement for all athletes and organizers of amateur sports.

The Solution

In order to deal with the situation discussed above, Smart League was created and developed. The goal is to create a global and decentralized platform to leverage the key triggers that will determine the organization and quality of amateur sport management. The platform features smart tools and solutions that will change amateur sport, eliminating boundaries, connecting and integrating tournaments and athletes, generating a globalized ranking that will result in the largest and most comprehensive network of amateur tournaments and individual performances in the world. Moreover, it will reduce the operational cost of events with the extinction of membership fees for clubs and players.

Smart League-Disruptive Plataform

It is the technology, format and management of professional events now available to amateurs. With Smart League, access to professional tournament technologies is a right for everyone and not a privilege. In this “trillion” sports market, Smart League launches its "PODIUM" token, based on the NEM blockchain, to allow the application ecosystem to support amateur sports. It is the essence of Blockchain in the field of sports competition. With the funds raised through this ICO, Tennis is the first MVP to enter the market in 2018, followed by 16 other modalities in 2019. This global and decentralized platform will pull the key determinants of organization and quality in amateur sport management. The value proposition is to deliver a platform capable of integrating, without social nor geographical barriers, a globalized ranking that will result in the largest and most comprehensive tournament and individual performance network in the world. In addition, the operational cost of events will be drastically reduced. Just as Bitcoin was born to decentralize financial transactions, Smart League was born to decentralize a very basic human need: to compete.