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The Genome

Think about it: data generation and acquisition worldwide advances in many orders of magnitude annually. From the economic point of view, its best use could generate a "data dividend" of $ 1.6 trillion over the next four years. Gains in IT efficiency and data-processing tools can add up to nearly $ 15 trillion in global GDP by 2030. Several maps are created daily to understand people's behavior for various uses in business. Mapping, therefore, has an immense economic value, and this is also true for the sports industry. Now, think of genome maps: a genome map helps scientists navigate the genomes. Like road maps, nautical charts, and family trees, a genome map is a set of references that tell people where they are and help them get where they want to go. References on a genome map include short DNA sequences, regulatory sites that activate or deactivate genes, and even the genes themselves. Often, genome maps are used to help scientists discover new genes. Road maps and nautical charts from well-known territories are of striking precision; genome maps, on the contrary, are more akin to the maps of America, made when Europeans began to explore the continent. Over the years, however, scientists continue to explore the boundary of the genome, and maps become increasingly accurate and detailed. Think again: professional sports are mapped on a global scale in all modalities. The development of their athletes can be traced, because over the years, accurate records have been built to optimize access to this information. But an immense amount of sports data does not reside there; amateur sports are the true iceberg to be mapped. Unlike professional sports, amateur sports do not have their story told. Smart League will build the Sports Genome from its blockchain. The history of each athlete will be recorded step by step; each tournament and every sport around the world will be interconnected in a permanent and decentralized system. This way, each amateur athlete will finally have the opportunity of knowing his exact place in the sports modality, determining where he wants to be and defining his goals, in the most encouraging of all rankings, regardless of the sport he practices. It is the genome of sports, now in its true construction. The story of each athlete will be registered and protected, making his contribution for the sport imortal, and also for the evolution of the state of the art of the competitions. Be known, rank yourself!